• 3 Faces
    Portraiture shoot.
    Just 3 of the many faces of mime.
    Model: Blake.
    Art direction: Alateia
  • Framed
    Rock formation at Sorrento backbeach.
    Chosen for publication by Photo Laureates in their
    2008 anthology.
  • Mele Beach
    Mele Beach Vila, Vanuatu.
    Hideaway Island in the distance.
  • Lake Fog
    Taken at Blackburn Lake Victoria.
    An early foggy morning.

Welcome to Klipz Photography

Photographer: Maree has had a passion for photography from a very young age. She started out as an underwater photographer taking breathtaking shots of water life and shipwrecks, she eventually progressed to land photography and whilst doing both, Maree has been in constant demand. Her work has been featured on the ABC network program "stateline" for Clean Up Australia day.

"Although I have been widely profiled throughout my photographic career I love spending time in the villages of my favourite islands such as Vanuatu, the people are so approachable and I love that"


July 2008

Photography vibes

Featured image 'Framed'.

October 2012

Life In Color (National Geographic)

Featured image Chromodoris Kunei (Kune's Chromodoris)

March 2014

Sublime Nature ( National Geographic)

Featured image Chromodoris Kunei (Kune's Chromodoris)